As manufacturers, we support our products through a comprehensive inventory of spares for the Engine, Alternator, Acoustic Enclosure, Switchboards, and any other component that goes into our products.
We are authorized dealers for Escorts, VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd., Cooper, Baudouin engines, and work on business models known as Self-Supporting OEMs.
You thus get a single window service support for your products, without having to go to multiple agencies or locations.
In order to ensure maximum uptime for your products, we maintain spare parts which are required for maintenance services and breakdown services,  as per the recommendations of the original equipment manufacturers.
This means that there is minimum waiting time between the breakdown and the restoration of the product to operational mode.
From our spares inventory, we also cater to the spares requirements from our sales and service dealers, located in several states of India.
Further, based on your usage of our products, our service engineers help you to determine your spares needs, thus ensuring that the products are regularly maintained as per the manufacturers recommendations.
In order to further assist you, we have round the clock, service support through our helpline number 9324934474. You can also send all your spares requirements through e-mail to