The Pai Kane group is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across its entire product portfolio, at all its plants located in Goa and Maharashtra in India and at Sheffield in UK.

For all its processes from design to laser cutting, punching & bending of metal sheets, fabrication, 11-tank pre-treatment process, powder coating… to testing, it has the best of equipment.

These include:

  • Amada Laser Cutting Machine
  • Esab Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Amada Turret Punch Presses
  • CIDAN Folding Machine
  • Safan CNC & Amada Press Brakes
  • Wagoner Powder Coating Plant

Equipment we have for Testing:

  • Primary Current Injection Source: 0 A to 1000 A
  • Secondary Current Injection Kit
  • DC/AC Variable Voltage Bench
  • HV Tester, 0 to 100 KV, 100 mA
  • Phase Sequence & Polarity Test Meter
  • Digital Print Coat Gauge Elcometer
  • Chemical Lab for Measurement of Concentration of Chemicals used in 11-tank Sheet Treatment Process
  • Salt Spray Test Kit

Below are some snaps of our infrastructure: