Electrical Switchboards

Low Voltage – up to 415V, 6300A and Medium Voltage – up to 33 kV, 1250A
Pai Kane makes of Electrical Switchboards carry a high level of quality, efficiency, and reliability.
We are ABB System House for Type Tested ArTuK panels as per latest IEC-61439.
We offer
LV & MV Panels – PCC, MCC, APFC Drive Panels, Distribution Boards, Feeder Pillars, Control and Relay Panels, etc.

ABB System House

Product Highlights of ABB-certified ArTuk Type Tested Assemblies (TTA)

  • Compliance with IEC 61439
  • Rated current upto 6300A
  • Construction of panel: 2/3A/3B/4
  • Enclosure made up of aluminium, zinc
  • Degree of protection: IP 31 / IP41 / IP 54 / IP 65
  • Bus bar: Copper or Aluminium
  • Global supply, commissioning, service


Pai Kane aims to use its superior engineering and manufacturing prowess to deliver best in class quality of product and service, compliant with latest electrical & safety standards around the world.

Compact Substations (CSS)

100 to 2500 kVA , up to 33kV


The Pai Kane make Compact Substation is a plant-ready unit integrating a Medium Voltage Panel, a Transformer and a Low Voltage Panel.
The entire unit is compartmentalised with sheet metal, so that any fault in one section does not affect the other sections.

Our Compact Substations are characterized by

  • Compact design with a high level of operational reliability and safety
  • Accessible at ground level for ease of maintenance and inspection
  • Smaller footprint resulting in savings in space
  • Easy installation with least maintenance
  • Ease of transportation
  • Excellent cost- performance ratio
  • Long and trouble-free performance
  • Equipment tested by CPRI, conforming to IEC standards.

CSS For Renewable Energy

The future of power sector lies in the renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, biomass, small hydro power, etc.

We have a vision of being a global player in the energy sector through design & innovation, supply of total eco-friendly power generation solutions.

With the same vision of providing efficient systems, we have developed our products in the solar and wind energy sector.

Following are our product offerings in the renewable energy sector:


For Solar Energy Sector – 11 kV, 22 kV AND 33 kV

630 kW , 1.25 MW & 2.5 MW – Solar Compact Substations – With Inverter.

630 kW , 1.25 MW & 2.5 MW – Solar Compact Substations – Without Inverter.

Containerised solutions.


For Wind Energy Sector – 33 kV

1 MW to 2.5 MW Wind Compact Substations – Skid mounted.