Rooftop Net Metering Systems 

The Net Metering Systems allow the use of generated solar power for captive consumption and any excess solar power is sent to the grid. The system also comes equipped with a bi-directional meter that records the number of units sent to or utilised from the grid. 

PV Solar System at Arbor Brewing Company

PV Solar System at Arbor Brewing Company

PV-DG Hybrid System 

With our expertise in DG manufacturing, we have these highly efficient hybrid solutions designed for optimum use of solar power during a power failure, with the smart controller built into this system that intelligently prioritises the use of solar power and falls back to DG power only when required, thereby making these systems highly renewable energy-friendly.

Hybrid System with Storage

Specifically designed to ensure an uninterrupted power supply in residences, this system intelligently integrates multiple power sources of solar-grid-battery-genset, prioritising solar power for loads and battery charging.

Concentrated Solar Thermal 

Comprising of Parabolic Mirrors that track the sun to generate pressurised hot water or steam, this solution is applicable to any industry that needs steam or hot water for their processes. 

30TR Cooling with Vapour Absoption Machine at PADMINI VNA MECHATRONICS

30TR Cooling with Vapour Absoption Machine at PADMINI VNA MECHATRONICS

Smart Evaporators

Our Smart Evaporators ensure 67% more effluent evaporation per Kg of steam compared to conventional systems. Designed for easy maintenance and integrated with CST/Heat Pumps for better energy savings, this solar energy solution also represents an attractive ROI.

Solar Sludge Drying 

Designed to serve industries that incur heavy charges from the Pollution Control Board for effluent sludge dumped by them, this solution efficiently evaporates the moisture content of the sludge, thereby drastically reducing its weight.

Solar Pumps

Designed for a wide range of agricultural, residential, commercial as well as industrial purposes,  our solar pumps harness optimal DC power from photovoltaic panels through “Maximum Power Point Tracking”.

Why invest in our Solar Power Generation Systems?

Whether you’re looking for power solutions for industrial, commercial, agricultural or residential applications, our systems are designed to be eco-friendly, being highly dependent on solar energy. In addition to that, investing in solar power generation systems will help you achieve energy independence.

Apart from being a smarter alternative in terms of the environment, these renewable energy solutions are also an intelligent choice when it comes to your bank account. What represents a seemingly big one-time investment in the present moment signifies a secure investment with huge savings in the long run. 

If you’re looking to take a step into the future with greener power solutions for your energy requirements, take a look at the wide range of solar energy powered products available here or get in touch with us.