Introducing the efficient & reliable Pai Kane Telecom Series
Introducing the efficient & reliable Pai Kane Telecom Series
December 15, 2017

by Pai Kane Group


The Pai Kane Group has been a power solution provider for more than 45 years. Present across 50+ countries, we have spread over South East Asia, SAARC, Middle East, Africa and recently, South America. We have an array of products ranging from power generators (diesel and gas) to electrical switchboards, solar power, pumps, compact substations etc. We have invested a lot of time and effort in R&D of power requirements of the telecom industry and market research. This gives us deep insight into the ground realities of the telecom infrastructure and introduce a strong product dedicated to the telecom segment.


Pai Kane Telecom Series

The Pai Kane Telecom series is tailor-made to take care of dedicated requirements in the telecom segment. With OPEX being the key consideration, they are designed with high precision to maintain a high-quality standard and fewer hours of maintenance at a very competitive price.


The Yanmar engine has proved itself to be the most efficient and reliable engine in the world. It has been tested in over a hundred countries. It has the lowest fuel consumption rate and service cost. The Pai Kane Genset offers an auto oil top-up system which allows the unit to run for 1000 hours before the next oil change service.


All the Pai Kane generator canopies are designed using the latest design tools, allowing critical engineering. Some of the tests done to ensure sound engineering and quality products are Stress tests and Displacement tests. When manufacturing, every canopy is pre-treated using an 11 tank process and is later powder coated using an automatic machine. The Telecom Genset offers a 55 dBA at 7-meter noise proof canopy providing us with a key competitive advantage.

In gensets, managing and controlling power is the focus area. The Pai Kane telecom Genset is equipped with control panels which are designed and manufactured in-house. The panel is made of copper busbars, Schneider MCB’s, current transformers and auxiliary relays with an auto-start option. DSE 7320 MKII, a Deepsea controller acts as the brain for all the other components.


The ground problems like fuel looting have been taken care of by providing a double locking system, which will increase protection on fuel looting. Vandal proof locks and hinges make the Genset more difficult to break into.


The Genset has an option of DG tracking which allows the maintenance team to locate, optimise their visit to the remote sites and remote monitoring which enables DG parameters to be monitored from any part of the world.


All the above functionalities are designed with compactness for the ease of transportation to reduce transportation cost. Fork lifting arrangement and lifting hooks are provided for loading and unloading the Genset. Lastly, all Gensets are packed in seaworthy packing to ensures safe transportation. They are wrapped in a bubble sheet while the edges are covered with a hard cardboard.


The Pai Kane Telecom Genset has powered 12000+ telecom towers in SAARC, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa and we are currently looking to increase our reach aggressively.

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