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Power Engineering India Pvt Ltd Goes Places
Power Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. has been busy spreading its wings to different parts of the world over the last week. From signing a dealership agreement in Nepal to buying out a British company located in the UK to setting up switchboard panels in Rwanda. It’s safe to say that
Historic Sheffield Manufacturer – Sheaf Pvt. Ltd. bought over by Power Engineering India Pvt Ltd
We live in a time where mergers and acquisitions are a common trend in the western corporate world. Goan-bred Power Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. too is taking the acquisition route to growth, with its recently concluded buy-out of Sheffield based company - Sheaf Power Ltd. This acquisition will help the
Powering up the Middle East Electricity Journey
Yet again the Pai Kane Group participates in one of the most electrifying events of the year, the Middle East Electricity. We have been participating in this exhibition, since 2012.  Last year the event was widely attended by visitors from over 120 countries. Defense, rental, retail and potential dealers were
Quality and Customer Satisfaction Always at Heart
When the quality is great you automatically attract customers. With emerging innovation and technology, quality often takes a backseat. However, we strongly believe that quality and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand. It is essential to keep product efficiency on a high without compromising on its quality.   Keeping the quality on
Telecom Series unveiled at the TowerXchange Meetup 2017
The TowerXchange Meetup is a two-day-long event organized for Asia’s top telecom infrastructure executives. It is a closed event for the top 100 telecom executives and telecom related business heads. This event focuses on the telecom technologies and innovations. At this prestigious event, we were represented by Mr. Sunil Pai
Standing proudly with a hat-trick of awards
The Pai Kane are proud to have been awarded the Star Performer Award in the electric motors, generators, and transformers, and parts small enterprise category for the year 2015-16.  This award was given to us for the third consecutive year by EEPC INDIA at the National Award for Outstanding Export